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About Mid-Atlantic Development Services



  • Clinical Excellence: We deliver outstanding clinical care in a consistent, coordinated way - always improving through evidence-based practice.

  • Client Engagement: We provide a compassionate experience, fully involving clients in clinical decisions about their healthcare and encouraging them to take responsibility for healthy life choices.

  • Clinician Engagement: We respect the professional and clinical skills of our clinician colleagues and engage them in teams that help us deliver optimal outcomes and the best service to our clients.

  • Employee Engagement: Together, we create a workplace that is built on our values, attracts and rewards caring and talented individuals, and engages us to live lives that are connected, balanced, secure, and healthy.

  • Integrity: We are principled, honest, and ethical, and we do the right thing for those we serve.

  • Trust: We count on and support one another individually and as team members.

  • Excellence: We perform at the highest level, always learning and looking for ways to improve.

  • Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions, attitudes, and health.

  • Mutual Respect: We embrace diversity and treat one another with dignity and empathy

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